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Commissioning Party: Cooper / Smith Period: Oct 2020 – July 2023 The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the National Aids  Commission (NAC) has, with funding from Bill and Melinda Gates through George Town University as principal investigator, initiated the Blantyre HIV Prevention Project, a 5-year project that will (1) catalyse locally led development of an optimized system for rapid and sustained uptake of HIV prevention intervention and products; and (2) ensure sustained prevention performance and implementation by embedding key functions within district-level systems, leveraging multisectoral capabilities, and establishing a framework for adaptive learning. A critical component of this project will involve building a data pipeline that will bring together relevant aggregate data from different sources for analytics and use. Compelling Works is one of the key organizations contributing to the implementation of this component of the project. Key research activities supported under the BPS project: Service Delivery Mapping: Mapping…

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