I am a student at Makerere University – Kampala, Uganda pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering slated to graduate in 2025.Software Engineering wasn’t really my thing despite my love for computers since childhood in that even when I applied to join Makerere University on the software engineering program,I didn’t really know what to expect.
It was about two months to the start of my freshman year when I visited a friend of mine who by coincidence had his laptop opened and was doing a simplecommand line calculator app written in C. After talking to him about the app, is when I was 100% convinced that Software engineering is what I wanted to do. I believe that there is always a way in which IT can be utilized to solve community problems. With that mindset I was able to identify a particular problem to do with missing marks complaints at Makerere University which so many can attest to.

The process is manual and so frustrating with cases of Sexual harassment by lecturers being recorded. I am currently leading a group of about 7 of my fellow students developing a digital solution to help eliminate the need for a student to physically go to a lecturer to claim for missing marks.
This will greatly reduce cases to do with students not graduating as a result of them not having marks in a particular course unit.