Kur Peter Thon

Digital Marketing Intern

Kur peter Thon is a young, ambitious person interested in social entrepreneurship, youth education,
S.D.G.s, and, most importantly, digital marketing as well media. He attended a two-year pre-university
diploma program at the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa, and graduated in
2022, studying economics, business, and mathematics. Currently, he’s planning to pursue a bachelor’s of
entrepreneurial leadership at the African Leadership University in Kigali, Rwanda.

Moreover, He’s the founder of Edupower Youth Foundation, a nonprofit organization aiming to
empower underprivileged young people in South Sudan through education and entrepreneurial training.
He also provides young scholars with more information sessions regarding opportunities. He’s also a
Youth Opportunities ambassador to South Africa; Y.O. is an international platform that shares
opportunities with a broader group of people; their main agenda is to enable easy access to global
opportunities for young people who are fighting hard to access them.

Furthermore, He is an open-minded and curious young person, a self-taught digital graphic designer;
aside from academics and entrepreneurship, he is also an upcoming digital marketer and media editor.
Kur always tries new things to help him explore his passion; In 2019 up to date, he managed five
different social media pages for three companies. He is a content and graphic designer. He successfully
managed social media pages without using any ads, for which he earned 500 or above followers on
every page he worked without any paid ads. He helped many local youth initiatives with digital
marketing content for free.


Conclusively, Kur is a digital marketing intern at compelling works, helping to provide all digital content
and managing the organization’s online presence on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram,
LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more.