Maganizo Monawe

Senior Associate - Digital Health

I am committed to the improvement of health services delivery using digital solutions as part of achieving Universal Health Coverage. With nineteen (19) years’ experience in various roles in ICT, Computer Science, Digital Health, Health Informatics and Health Information Systems, and as a Senior Technical Advisor for the Ministry of Health and Population for the last 9 years on digital health and health information systems, I have contributed significantly to the development of digital health in Malawi. Key areas of contributions include the strengthening digital health and health information systems governance through strategy and policy development and implementation, deployment of key national systems and capacity building.

Moving the ranks as Software Developer, Systems and Networks Engineer, Information Specialist, Health Solutions Operations Manager, and various roles as Senior Technical Advisor I have acquired adequate experience for both leadership, strategic and technical roles in digital health at national and global levels. I have both private sector and public sector experience in ICT implementation and management through working with various organisations and institutions starting with Stancom Tobacco Company (now Alliance One), University of Malawi (The Polytechnic), Baobab Health Trust, I-TECH Malawi, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Cooper Smith. All the roles from I-TECH Malawi to Cooper Smith are through secondment to the Ministry of Health.

I am a Computer Engineer with a Master of Science in Informatics, Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. All the degrees are from the University of Malawi. I also have various certificates in Epidemiology and Management and Leadership in Health from the University of Washington.