Jacob Mziya

Head of Digital Technologies

A Master of Science in Computer Science student, at DMI – St. Eugene University, Zambia

Jacob is a Computer Scientist with over 6 years Professional Experience designing, developing, and analyzing computer software. Before, and since graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree of Computer Science in Information Systems, from DMI – St. John the Baptist University, Mangochi, Malawi, Jacob has worked as a Software Developer in top orgazations, including; NITEL (formerly Malswitch), Baobab Health Trust, Development Pathways Ltd UK, and Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF).

He has contributed for the longest time to the development of the Electronic Medical Records Systems (EMRs) powered in more than 500 Health Facilities in Malawi and the Community Registration Vital Statics projects for the Malawi National Birth and Death Registration Systems being used by the National Registration Bureau to register Births and Deaths, and issue Birth and Death Certificates.

He contributes to the development of the Malawi National Social Security Platform (MNSSP), in which he spearheaded the development of the Monitoring & Evaluation framework for the same for the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development, with support from the National Local Goverment Finance (NLGF), and with funding from the GiZ.

In 2018, he was the core developer for the TB Capturing and Monitoring application, an Action Aid Project, supervised by the National TB Programme (NTP).

He bears quite a great experience in the Digital Health Sector, the Government, and International Projects and Organisations.

He has a passion for computer, diverse with a CCNA (Cisco Computer Network Associate) background. Staying up to date in all the technologies he uses and staying on top of the trending technology.