What We Have Done


Country: Malawi

Commissioning Party: Cooper / Smith

Period: Oct 2020 – Jul 2023

The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the National Aids  Commission (NAC) has, with funding from Bill and Melinda Gates through George Town University as principal investigator, initiated the Blantyre HIV Prevention Project, a 5-year project that will (1) catalyse locally led development of an optimized system for rapid and sustained uptake of HIV prevention intervention and products; and (2) ensure sustained prevention performance and implementation by embedding key functions within district-level systems, leveraging multisectoral capabilities, and establishing a framework for adaptive learning.

A critical component of this project will involve building a data pipeline that will bring together relevant aggregate data from different sources for analytics and use. Compelling Works is one of the key organizations contributing to the implementation of this component of the project.

Commissioning Party: MIFUMI

Compelling Works (formerly SionaPros) continues to develop the AlSuite platform for integrated project management, a platform creatively linking accounts, M&E, and operations to strengthen management of and transparency in development projects. This platform has now been adopted by several other organizations including FOWODE in Uganda, Chilungamo, and HISP West Africa in Togo.

Alongside a complete double accounting suite, the M&E component of this platform links outcomes, outputs, milestones, and key indicators; and it permits the tracking of risks and requests for management interventions.

You can access the robust AlSuite demo instance here

Countries: Germany, Malawi, Uganda

Period: Oct 2018 – Present

In collaboration with management4health GmbH – www.m4health.pro, we set out to make the management of expert CVs simpler and even enjoyable. Built on the AlSuite platform, the Experts CV management database enables consultants to create a master CV from which they are then able to instantly export to different formats (currently EU, World Bank, GIZ, and KfW). Furthermore, the expert can share his CV with organizations to which he is subscribed.

This database has been developed in a clouds platform for use by multiple organizations. It will soon be released to the benefit of subscribing organizations.

Country: France

Commissioning Party: MAHA

Period: Mar 2020 – Jun 2020

Developed an application that helps users to request for maps regarding GIS-related data relevant for the Expanded Program on Immunisation (EPI)

Country: Uganda

Commissioning Party: FOWODE

Period: Nov 2019

Trained staff in M&E using AlSuite-based Monitoring & Evaluation

Trained staff in Project management using AlSuite

Configured one of their projects as a start up with AlSuite as a de-facto tool

Countries: Uganda, Malawi, France & Kyrgyzstan

Commissioning Party: MAHA

Period: Aug 2018 – May 2019

The Intelligent DHIS2 Export Application – IDEA is a dynamic application that allows exporting data from any DHIS2 instance for staging ready for import into other destination applications for further analysis. 

GIS Services: Setup a platform for analysing analytics related to the master plan for hospitals for Kyrgyzstan.

Server Hosting Services: Configured and continue to maintain servers hosting key services for MAHA and other key clients.

Country: Malawi

Commissioning Party: EU, Malawi

Period: Dec 2017 – Mar 2018

The EU Justice Project in Malawi (Chilungamo) commissioned Compelling Works to configure AlSuite for the management of the organization´s accounts and M&E. The AlSuite platform was customized to fulfil these requirements. The result was a functional system capable of handling key accounting features in a double-posting setup and generating all key financial reports, and most importantly in EU format. AlSuite is now the de facto accounting system used by the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) team of the Chilungamo project.

Compelling Works team continues to offer invaluable support to the Chilungamo team, including the addition of new features based on positive feedback and suggestions for improvement by the Chilungamo team.

Country: Uganda

Commissioning Party: MIFUMI

Period:  Jan 2013 – Oct 2017

MIFUMI requested for a deployment of an electronic health (e-health) system for their Health Center III in Uganda, which operates at the rural stage / level. Monitoring & Evaluation using AlSuite as a Project Management system was also carried out.

Country: Uganda

Commissioning Party: MIFUMI

Period: Aug 2013 – July 2014

Compelling Works configured DHIS2 for MIFUMI, a human rights organization in Uganda that protects women and children from violence in Uganda to support with this effort. We designed the necessary forms for capturing survivor information, purchased an online Linux-based server, configured DHIS2 (including Tracker) to support the organization, and configured pivot tables, visualizers, and standard reports for analytics. We then trained staff, commissioned the system to use, transferred ownership and provided continuous support and improvement of the platform.