What We do

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Compelling Works promotes health and wellbeing through innovative digital health solutions. We take a holistic and integrated approach to the deployment of digital health solutions.


Advancements in the digital health landscapes have overwhelmed traditional organizational structures and governance systems. Organizations and institutions bracing up for digital transformation are not able to successfully do so without revamping their governance systems.
Compelling Works helps Ministries of health and other organizations and institutions to position their governance systems and structures to cope with digital transformation in the health sector.
Key areas of support include:

  • Revisiting organizational structures to ensure key roles and responsibilities pertinent for digital transformation are in place.
  • Supporting organizations to develop digital health strategies and investment plans.
  • Drafting and rolling out policies and procedures to streamline processes and ensure compliance.

Digital Solutions

Most organizations and institutions have not adequately leveraged digital solutions to improve on their business processes. Where efforts have been made, solutions deployed are usually fragmented (working in silos) and sometimes fall short of expectations. The health sector is no exception. Compelling Works supports organizations and institutions engaged in the health sector to identify and deploy the most suitable digital health solutions to support health systems and serve positive health outcomes. While doing this, we bear in mind that there is no one single solution that can address all challenges and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We take an integrated approach to digital health solutions conceptualization, design, and deployment, ensuring that solutions deployed are interoperable and customized to existing processes. Key areas of support include:
  • Packaging and presentation of data for decision support. To this end we support the collection of data from various sources, and the consolidation, analysis, packaging, and dissemination for use in decision support in day-to-day operations and also in the context of evaluation, learning, and research.
  • Conceptualization, design, and development / customization of digital health solutions to support health systems.
  • Design and deployment of robust end-to-end ICT infrastructures to support digital health solutions.


Digital transformation requires a balanced look at governance structures, digital solutions, and most importantly the people that will benefit from the digital solutions deployed. Most organizations have successfully deployed digital solutions with a strong focus on the technology only, leaving serious capacity gaps at workforce level. In the health sector this gap is even more pronounced, mainly because the healthcare workforce, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, is generally overwhelmed with service delivery, leaving very little or no time at all to devote to continuing professional development in other areas, including the digital health landscape. Compelling Works prepares the workforce for digital transformation in the health sector through the following key areas of support:
  • We build the capacity of the workforce to be able to comfortably and effectively use digital health solutions in place. Our capacity building approaches are involving and empowering, with a view to helping the workforce embrace and take charge of digital solutions deployed.
  • We provide user support and backstopping services through mentorship and hand-holding in appreciation of the fact that digital transformation is a journey.
  • We provide digital upskilling services to bridge the digital skills gaps, positioning the health workforce to effectively leverage digital health solutions to gear up productivity and knowledge acquisition.