Our Services

Practical Digital Health Solutions

Strenghtening Governance

We help Ministries of Health and other institutions to position their governance systems and structures to cope with digital transformation in the health sector.

Deploying Digital Health Solutions

We support organizations and institutions engaged in the health sector to identify and deploy the most suitable digital health solutions to strengthen health systems and serve positive health outcomes.

Building Capacity of the Health workforce

We prepare the workforce for digital transformation in the health sector through capacity building, mentorship and handholding, Digital upskilling services

e2e Project Management Solution

Integrated Project Management

Creatively linking Accounts, M&E, and Operations in a workflow-enabled environment with real-time budget tracking and approval system for requisitions and field reports

Enhanced Project Performance Metrics

Project-specific vs organization-wide CoA. Performance measurement at organization, project, unit, work plan and target level. Accountability status tracking. Comprehensive M&E log frame: Outcome and outputs tracking; intervention and risk flags linked to Operations.

Robust project management reports

Project-based and organization-wide finance reports. Operations reports. M&E reports: Outcome and outputs tracking.

CW Creative Corner

Bridging the knowledge gap

We acknowledge prevailing gaps in knowledge generation based on systematically synthesized information to inform practical and novel development interventions.

Our Approach to knowledge generation

Design thinking, including creative thinking and critical thinking; Human Centered Design

What we do at the creative corner

Data sciences and data analytics; Monitoring and Evaluation; Qualitative and quantitative research; Knowledge dissemination;

CW Pros

Bridging the gap between digital professionals and clients seeking support

We make it easy for clients to request for support and for digital professionals to offer their services in a streamlined environment. Our rating system subjects Compelling Works to continuous improvement.

CW Pros Platform

A robust platform that makes it easy for clients to request for digital services, and for digital professionals to respond to these requests.

Key Service Offerings

Clients request for digital services, Experts implement quality digital solutions, Compelling Works delivery quality projects